About Me.

It’s about time this page got an update. Although nobody ever comes here. You’re probably about my third visitor. That’s good though – I can say what I want and no one’ll ever know.

I’m a writer based in the North West UK. Aged fifty three and a half. Synesthetic. Female. Driven by a passion for stories, people, travel, bizarre ideas.

I’m an Creative Writing MA student at Leeds Trinity University, in my second year. I co-edited the 2016 University Anthology of short stories and poems, published by Indigo Dreams publishing.         Leeds Trinity University Anthology

It was a long slog and when the anthology went to press, after three months of picking through submissions, weeding out stray commas and squabbling happily over the book cover, it wasn’t ‘the Anthology’ any more, it was the ‘You Know What.’ However my chest swelled with pride when the fruits of our hard work materialised in the form of a box of bright, shiny books. The theme is journeys. It’s entertaining, it’s eclectic and you can buy it here.

My writing often drifts into the realms of the surreal and I am also a glutton for putting light and dark together. Makes sense when you think about it. We are surrounded by opposites and contradictions all the time. Do you like lime juice and muscovado sugar? A bright sun breaking through a mercurial cloud? Scary clowns? OK, maybe not scary clowns. There seems to be some kind of mass clown phobia sweeping the UK at the moment. No idea why. I love scary clowns. But anyway……

My blogs on here fall into two categories: travel, and anything else that grabs my fancy in a left-field kind of way.

stephaniesbuick [at] gmail.com